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We believe everyone's an influencer

Every day we click photos & in every second or third photo, there is a brand product in it. So we designed a platform where you can post photos, tag the brands in the photo & get rewards by brands itself.

Ohh, we forgot to mention that reward means you will be get paid by brands for the photo you post.

Download Invocial & follow some easy steps. 👇

1. Sign up on Invocial.

2. Start posting photos using any of the merchandise of a brand that you love, i. e., gadgets, t-shirts, jeans, etc. and tag the brand name along with the caption of the post. 📸

3. If the post reaches a certain number of likes, the post will be considered by the brand itself. 🤩

4. You finally get a chance to win some exciting rewards by brands. 🎁

Behind the success story of every brand, there is a group of people who always like to share products and now is the time to give them an award and say thank you.


Post photos





by big or growing brands

Like the profile?

just tap & add to your favorites

We believe that a brand is all about the people who love it.😉

Its time for real people to tell your authentic brand story

What will brands get?

Publish a post with a shoppable link

Track every event

on posts

A dedicated

wall of fame

for fans 

to reward them easily

Influencers shopping page

🛒 just one click to your website

Send rewards

to deserving influencers with just one tap 🎁





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